Disaster Mitigation

    MetroDMS® represents a quantum leap forward in capabilities for incident and disaster management and mitigation. It functions as a force multiplier®, allowing smaller, first-on-the-scene response teams to be more efficient and effective than the response from a significantly larger, traditionally equipped force. This force multiplication is especially critical in the first few minutes of an incident, when there is the greatest chance to reduce casualties and mitigate damage. Jurisdictions equipped with MetroDMS® are able to establish a command center utilizing the earliest first responder vehicle arriving on the scene of an incident or disaster. Upon the arrival of specialized equipment, command center duties can seamlessly transferred.

    MetroDMS® provides accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-the-second intelligence to the incident commander and front line team leaders to support and implement tactical decision making. It enables a dynamic visualization of an incident, and is the only platform that can be used at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels that provides an operational dashboard which incorporates dynamic data, empowers decision making, and maximizes assets during an incident response. Dynamic, up-to-the-second data automatically flows throughout participating agencies during an incident, allowing the incident commander to immediately focus or redirect response efforts to items of a critical nature, such as injured or trapped people, or areas needing immediate attention to prevent further casualties or property damage.

    Incidents continually evolve, often rapidly. New assets become available for use. Diverse information is received from a wide variety of sources. During such periods of time, the “fog of war” can quickly overtake incident commanders. The intuitive user interface and operational dashboard are continuously updated with the latest data derived from multiple sources; including onsite first responder inputs, site sensors and surveillance equipment, and emergency call centers. The incident commander has unparalleled instant access to all available assets, and is able to reliably account for all personnel onsite. The virtuous cycle of response enhancement embedded in MetroDMS® provides an ever-evolving higher quality level of response.