Consequence Management

    Significant life-threatening and destructive natural and man-made incidents and disasters occur on a daily basis. They happen and are reported to such an extent that society at large has, to a certain degree, become immune to the shock value of their occurrence. They do happen, however, and represent one of the single greatest challenges to government agencies and their available resources on an ongoing basis. The expeditiousness of the emergency response is critical. Every minute matters during acute incidents. Each action, reaction, or non-action can result in adverse results for citizens, first responders and property.

    Cyber City Systems’ flagship application, MetroDMS®, represents a quantum leap forward in capabilities for incident and disaster management and mitigation. It also provides the maximum possible degree of situational awareness and the highest level of risk mitigation available. The implementation of MetroDMS® effectively creates a forward-thinking Public-Private Partnership for safety, security, and risk management. The resulting Public-Private Partnership is a sustainable model that delivers significant benefits for all stakeholders. It furnishes the requisite tools to First Responders for incident and disaster management and mitigation, yet protects the privacy concerns of the private sector, and that of the individual.

    MetroDMS® provides accurate, comprehensive and up-to-the-second intelligence to the incident commander and front line team leaders to support and implement tactical decision making. MetroDMS® enables a dynamic visualization of an incident, and becomes a platform for interoperability, communications, and information. Dynamic, up-to-the-second data automatically flows throughout participating agencies during an incident or disaster, one of the most fluid situations imaginable, during which current and accurate data is critical. The system immediately disseminates any new, up-to-the-second information simultaneously to the incident commander, team leaders, call centers, and local, regional and national incident management centers.