Infrastructure Management

    The maximization of resources, productivity, and competitiveness are vital in today’s global economy. Risk is expensive. So is inefficiency. Compliance with government regulations is expensive, time consuming and intrusive. Infrastructure management is a continuous necessary that can significantly affect profitability. Business interruptions can be lethal. MetroDMS® reduces risk of human casualties, mitigates property damages, and reduces the impact on business operations from any incident or disaster. It also facilitates, simplifies and lowers costs for leasing, construction, maintenance, competitive bidding, and compliance with government regulations. While it delivers critical infrastructure solutions, MetroDMS® is user-friendly, intuitive and readily compatible with all platforms, systems, devices, controls and sensors.

    MetroDMS® adds a layer of intelligence to leverage the existing technology infrastructure of buildings and facilities. It facilitates enterprise asset management and assists in managing the whole life cycle of physical and infrastructure assets. Detailed information about structural and mechanical components, their life cycle, maintenance, vendors, etc. are securely stored and available only to those designated by a building or facility owner or manager. Each access or change of any data is tracked as to the user, date and time, with a full range of report and notification options available. Utilizing MetroDMS® enables life cycle asset management, and the ability to extract maximum productivity from assets and to minimize the total costs of their acquisition, operation, and maintenance.

    MetroDMS® not only provides an operational dashboard for incident and disaster management, but it also provides a separate operational dashboard for infrastructure management. This infrastructure management dashboard is available only to property and facility owners and managers to access data for their own specific buildings or facilities. Situational awareness of infrastructure information allows for proactive measures insuring continuity of operations and cost containment. MetroDMS® also enables owners and managers to transmit, share or print area or component specifications for competitive bidding for maintenance, acquisition or construction purposes. Semi-public and secure private forums are provided to facilitate a competitive bidding process.