We create command and control systems for incident management and disaster mitigation. Each protected building or facility features a customized integrated infrastructure management system, accessible only by their respective owners and managers. Innovative technology is combined with a forward-thinking public-private partnership. The result is a sustainable model and significant savings for business interests and government agencies. All of our products benefit from the ongoing active involvement of their respective stakeholders throughout their development cycle, and are designed to leverage both existing and future technologies.

The goal of building and facility owners and managers is to operate with the lowest possible risk profile and the lowest possible cost structure, but while appropriately maintaining and securing their property or facility. This axiom applies during challenging economic times or not. Our infrastructure management systems enable buildings and facilities to be operated efficiently and securely, while increasing profitability, and lowering the risk profile for owners and managers.

Local, regional, and federal government agencies are now, and for the foreseeable future, facing serious financial constraints. A growing population, an increasingly higher density of development, and ever greater security concerns challenge agencies to maximize their available resources by continually increasing their effectiveness and efficiency. Our systems act as a force multiplier, dramatically increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of existing resources, and allowing for significant cost savings for government agencies.

We create technology to protect people.   We enable property owners to lower risk and save money.   And we assist government to do more for less money.
Cyber City Systems is comprised of a dedicated group of professionals with a broad array of experience, including a past top executive of the S&P 500 originator of secure, Web-based, high volume financial transaction systems, and a past senior executive of a multi-year listed INC Magazine 500 fastest growing privately owned company.

We have vast experience in designing and developing innovative applications that solve problems, increase efficiency, and save money. Our experience ranges from secure, high transaction volume, auditable financial transaction applications to mobile communications platforms. We build applications that are robust, forward-thinking, secure, and protect people’s privacy.

Intellectual property is a key asset for a technology company. We know how to create it, further its development, and we have a worldwide successful track record in obtaining its protection. Along with its creation and protection, our team has a worldwide proven record of using intellectual property to promote growth and increase profits.

We know how to innovate.   We know how to grow.   And we know how to succeed.
We believe that we can help achieve an essential goal, namely making the world a safer place to live, work and have fun. We know that without giving up any privacy or freedom, technology and information can be leveraged to help achieve this goal. We strive every day to make our vision a reality.

We believe in creating technology that is intuitive and user-friendly, with technology assiting people, not being burdensome. We believe in listening to the users of our products – they are the best source of information to assist us in enabling our products to be more efficient, easier to use, and able to solve more problems. We know the listening and development process is a joint effort that must never cease.

Individuals, private businesses and government are all stakeholders in making the world a safer place. We believe it is the duty and obligation of these stakeholders to work together to achieve our mutual security interests. We know that we have built a platform to make it possible.

We believe technology should work for people.   We believe technology should be easy to use.   And we believe individuals, private businesses and government can work together.