Wall Street Terror Threat Exposes Risks
Shooting at Industrial Plant Leaves Two Dead
Gunman Kills Eight at Omaha Shopping Mall

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Commercial and Government Interests Benefit from Cyber City Systems

MetroDMS®, the Company's flagship product, solves long-standing critical infrastructure issues identified by the 9/11 Commission Report, while lowering risk, reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and providing seamless infrastructure management capabilities.

Privacy and security are not compromised in a system that combines the innovative use of technology with a sustainable public-private partnership. MetroDMS® utilizes proprietary intellectual property and a consistently expanding wealth of incident data to create a virtuous cycle of response enhancement.

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  • Consequence Management
    Intuitive, user-friendly system allows for maximum situational awareness and cross-platform data input and display.
  • Infrastructure Management
    Construction, maintenance, compliance issues, leasing, and competitive bidding are facilitated in a secure environment.
  • Disaster Mitigation
    Immediate access to critical information, dynamic data, and efficient distribution of resources mitigates losses.

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